The Doggie Fountain is great way to provide cool, fresh water for your dog companion, especially as summer approaches.

Your faithful dog companions, and perhaps the occasional raccoon, fox or other intelligent four-legged friends, might also learn to get their own fresh and safe drinking water using the Doggie Fountain. It is way better than a dog bowl that gets too hot during the day, gets knocked over, or gummed up with all sorts of garden muck.

The Doggie Fountain connects to your garden hose using a Y-splitter shut off valve at the spigot so you can still use your garden hose and your dog can have a drink at the same time. The water height can be adjusted and the footpad is stainless steel so it won’t break and resists rusting.

Your dog friend might need some encouragement and practice to use it at first, but will quickly turn into the envy of the neighborhood pack. It costs US$29.95 (€22.70).

Via Bless This Stuff