The Tentsile Hammock Tent is a treehouse-like tent that can be erected even without trees. The Tensile design team and company are based in London.

The Tensile provides maximum space, with the lowest use of material (fire retardant, UV PU and water resistant polyester fabric infill panels), with tensioning wires used to create the unusual inverted three star shape. A two person tent is available, and five or eight person models are planned.

The tent hammock has a covered porch as a suspended seating area, with a double hammock bed and storage space underneath, and the two person one weighs 5-8kg (11-17.6lbs).

The Tentsile offers safe and peaceful slumber from rising water, rocky or uneven ground and predators (bears, cougars and beer pilfering fellow campers perhaps). Using the central ground support and three support arms, the Tentsile would be useful for soggy ground, or bug-infested forest floors, and you would not have to string it up in trees and wonder if the people movement or stormy winds might over-stretch the cable ties.

The Tentsile Hammock Tent.