With everything that gets thrown at the average home’s carpets, it’s no wonder that carpet cleaning services like the ones offered by brilliance carpet cleaning perth, is a popular topic. And it’s also easy to see why there are so many different products on the market for keeping carpets clean. For those who would rather not do the job themselves, there are more different types of professional carpet cleaner services than you could count. With all of these different methods for getting something as humble and simple as your carpet back to a like-new state, people tend to lose sight of exactly what they are introducing into their homes and exposing their family and pets to in the process.

Carpet cleaning products can be made from some very nasty ingredients, and definitely not the sort of stuff you want to be walking around on every day. If you have stains and spills that you want to get rid of, you don’t have to reach for the store-bought products that are made with toxic chemicals. In fact, you can whip up your very own carpet cleaning spray at home, and use it to remove those difficult stains and dirt covered carpets.

Before You Spray
Remember to try to blot up as much of any spills as you can, before you use a carpet cleaning product. The goal in doing this is to stop the stain from working its way into the carpet too much. Don’t rub at the offending substance, but blot instead.

What You’ll Need:

Don’t worry, there aren’t any special or hard to find ingredients here. You might not have the third ingredient already in your home, but many people will.

  • Salt – 2 tablespoons. That’s right, you will need some regular table salt. This is going to draw those stains out and bind them up. If you have a stain that’s causing you some serious headaches, you can try pouring some salt over it before you perform your clean. Leave the salt there to dry for about 15 minutes and then vacuum it up. You’d be surprised by how well this can work. After that, it’s time to use your special, homemade carpet cleaning concoction.
  • White vinegar – 1 cup. Ah, yes, is there anything that this wonderful substance can’t do around the home? It’s known to be an excellent stain remover, especially when dealing with the particularly smelly variety that are often left by pets. That’s because white vinegar has properties that make it excellent at getting rid of nasty odors. You will need to use water to dilute this, because pure white vinegar can be very potent. It’s typically safe to use on many types of fabrics, and isn’t toxic like a lot of other cleaning products on the market.
  • Essential oil (lavender) – 15 drops. This will add to the odor removing properties that the other ingredients are bringing to your carpet cleaning mixture. In addition to that, it helps to kill off bacteria that might be in the weave of your carpet. This is why it’s such a good cleaning product. It is also safe for use when children or pets are present in the home, making this a very versatile type of essential oil.
  • Water – 2 cups. There’s nothing special about this one, although it’s the most important substance on the planet. This is just to dilute your other ingredients and give you enough liquid to spray around.

How to Make It:

  • Take a spray bottle and put in the water and vinegar
  • Put your lavender oil and salt into the spray bottle as well
  • Place the top on the bottle and shake thoroughly
  • Next, you are ready to use your spray on your carpet
  • Let the mixture dry
  • Vacuum the area