New Zealand-based creative designer Casey Ng has redesigned the fabled fish and chip wrapper into a BoxBag combo paper bag and stiffer dish-like base, with a perforated strip between the two. Ng’s BoxBag idea sprung from wanting to combine a more modern fish and chip wrapper, but one that can still be ripped open, with a newspaper flyer inside and be disposed of like the traditional newsprint wrapper.

Inside the BoxBag, a sheet of newspaper is printed with local information, for the fish and chip eater to read and learn something about the place where they have just bought the fish and chips. According to Ng’s website, New Zealand’s iconic fish and chip shops serve up about seven million servings of chips a week, or about 120,000 tonnes a year. So his BoxBag could be in high demand, as it offers the same grease absorbing features as traditional newsprint wrapping, better heat insulation, a handy rigid bowl to hold your scrumptious fish and chips, and some local news to boot.

Casey Ng’s BoxBag

The BoxBag comes flat packed and can be unfurled to the length needed to wrap your fish and chips, and does not have newsprint ink like the traditional wrapper which used to leave your greasy fingers blackened after enjoying your take-out meal.