Moving home doesn’t have to be a wasteful and costly event. Look at these great tips for environmentally friendly removals from the folks over at Brilliance Removalists Perth;

Be Flexible

Do you have a specific date in mind for moving? If you have a good reason for this, being flexible with your time and date might not be an option. Otherwise, don’t be stubborn about when you’re going to move. If you can let the movers fit you in when it suits them best, you might help to reduce waste that way. By allowing them to get the most of their driving time, slotting you in when they have other jobs in your area, you are making them use less gas.

Tetris, Anyone?

This is relevant to the loading up of your moving vehicle. Do you remember the old video game that involved placing shapes of different shapes and sizes together so they fitted flush in rows? When you’re loading up your moving truck, van, or car you should try to use up every little bit of space possible. Think carefully about which of your items you should put in first, so that you can make the absolute most out of each trip. If you’re paying someone to move for you and giving them a hand with the loading, this should be ever more crucial for you. After, you don’t want to have to make more trips than necessary just because you messed up the job of loading your own belongings.

Look to the Future

As soon as you know you will be moving to a new house in the future, start to collect things that you’ll need for the move. You will be surprised at how many cardboard boxes are on offer for those who are looking for them. But you might only be able to collect one or two at a time, so it’s a gradual process. Ask for friends and family to collect them for you as well. Newspaper is another important item for anyone who wants to have a green move. This can replace a lot of different items that are used to warp and buffer your possessions as they go into those boxes. Forget bubble wrap and packing peanuts, which are made from non-biodegradable plastics. Recycle newspaper instead, and save it from going into landfill.

Cut the Fat

When you’re moving home, it’s a great time to get rid of everything that you don’t want or need. For example, start with your kitchen and look at all the different things taking up space. Do you have appliances that you purchased with good intentions, but just never ended up working into your regular cooking routine? Give them away to people who might get some use out of them. Or, you could donate them and spread the goodwill.

The fridge is another place to look when you’re trying to reduce your waste and lighten your home removal load. Is yours old and power-hungry? Instead of hauling it out to your next home, how about you recycle it? You can get something that has a higher energy star rating and is better for the environment.

While you’re at it, look at your electronics like the TV, as well as your white goods like your washer and dryer. Are they chewing up more power than they’re worth? The most eco-friendly thing to do might be get rid of them and upgrade to more modern items.

If half the stuff you own is just taking up space and you don’t even want it, give it away or recycle it. There, you’ve just made the job of moving a whole lot easier and more environmentally friendly.