5 Reasons Why Staying With A Local Bali Family Can Be An Amazing Holiday Experience

5 Reasons Why Staying With A Local Bali Family Can Be An Amazing Holiday Experience

Whenever someone books a holiday to Bali, the automatic assumption is that their accommodation will be either a hotel or a villa from Easy Bali Villas. For 99% of the time, that will be the case. However, there is another form of accommodation that you should consider, and it will provide you with a truly unique holiday in Bali.

We are talking about opting to stay with a local Bali family in their home. You will not have all the mod cons and amenities that a hotel can provide, but that is the whole point. Hotel rooms are more or less the same worldwide, but none can offer you the experiences and the advantages of living with a real Bali family.

Regarding the details, you will have a private room, your meals and transportation will be provided. Depending on the specific family and their location, you may also have local sightseeing trips included in the price. As for what that price will be, it can vary, but indeed, any price is worth it to experience what real Bali life is all about and the other advantages outlined below.


August 24, 2021
Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Ideal for Sustainability

Sustainability is all about reducing your carbon footprint, saving the earth’s resources and creating less waste to pollute the planet. But it is also different things to different businesses, depending on the industry, markets, supplies needed and processes used to manufacture goods or conduct business. This makes an SEO company or digital marketing business one of the easiest to ensure office sustainability is practiced. Here’s why –

  • Digital marketing is all about being online. This takes a minimum amount of power and there are not many other costs used to conduct business
  • Clients are found online
  • Suppliers are found online
  • Products needed are few and they can be purchased online
  • Your service can be done online

All this means that your business can be set up at home and this, of course, is the ideal way to conduct a business because you don’t have to travel, thus saving the cost of fuel and the need for a conveyance with all its other associated costs. Fewer cars on the road also saves on the wear and tear on roads and the need to constantly upgrade and renew them. While you may think one car won’t make much difference, there are plenty of other people who can work from home too, so it all mount up.


June 5, 2021
Implementing the “5 Rs” of Eco-Conscious Living in the Office

Implementing the “5 Rs” of Eco-Conscious Living in the Office

If you know anything about sustainable living, the chances are that you’ve heard of something known as the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The actual truth of the matter is that these have been extended to five Rs, with Rot and Refuse being added in recent years.

Now, if you run something like an SEO agency of other predominately digitally-based business, you’re probably wondering how these affect you. If you want to find out, continue reading about how you can implement the five Rs of eco-conscious living in the office.

  1. Reduce

Although it may seem obvious once you’ve finished reading this article, it’s generally extremely easy to reduce-your-use-of-consumable-items. Let’s take disposable plastic cups as a quick example.

These aren’t directly related to the day-to-day running of most businesses, but many offices have a water cooler with plastic cups in the lobby or break room. Rather than using these, reduce your waste by purchasing a nice stainless steel water bottle. It’s that easy.

  1. Reuse

Now, this one can be a little difficult to apply in the office, but there are still plenty of cases where it can be used. For example, if you’re a person who likes to take physical notes with a paper and pen, you could reuse scrap paper that has only been printed on one side. Over the course of a few months, you will likely end up saving kilos of paper.


May 10, 2021
Office Green

How to Make Your Office Green

Whether your office is for digital marketing or anything else, there are ways to make it green, not just in how you work, but in the physical aspects of the office. Here are some things you can look at and when it is time to replace or renew them, make sure you choose sustainable or green products that will both help conserve the earth and make your office a safer and more pleasant place to work in.

  • Paintwork and other finishes. Ensure the paint is free of toxic fumes that can waft through the office for everyone to breathe.
  • Carpets often have similar toxic fumes to paint. If the smell of new carpet is strong in the morning, it is not the best choice. Try it out with a sample at home before you choose one for the office. Choose a carpet made from natural fibres for the best result.


April 26, 2021
Green Practices

9 Green Practices for Small Business

It is important to have as many offices using green practices as possible if we are to be serious about saving the earth’s resources.  Even if you are only a small studio such as a web designer there are many easy ways you can achieve sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are just some of them.

  • Use natural daylight as much as possible by choosing a room with a large window and locating your desk in a way that this can be utilised. Hint: don’t sit with your back to it as that will throw your shadow over your work. Facing the window can give you a glare headache, so sit at an angle.
  • Use a computer monitor that is backlit so there is no light reflection on the screen from the windows.


March 9, 2021
Encourage Your Dental Patients To Help Save The Planet

3 Ways You Can Encourage Your Dental Patients To Help Save The Planet

With the ever-increasing global focus on green issues, dentistry has had to take stock, not just as an industry but at a dental practice level, of how much each dentist does or does not contribute to the harm inflicted upon the environment. While dentistry might not be considered a ‘heavy industry’, it certainly does not qualify as a profession whose green credentials have always been up to the mark.

Dentists tell us several processes, procedures, and ways of working within the dental field have been pinpointed as especially harmful to the environment. These include the amount of water used and wasted during appointments, the amount of mercury discarded within amalgam, and the harmful chemicals in traditional X-ray photography and development.

Thankfully, as an industry, dentists have realised that they have a huge part to play in reducing the number of processes and procedures that cause harm to the environment. As such, new treatments, apparatus, and processes are being introduced. The move to switch dentistry’s carbon footprint will not happen overnight, but the positive impact will be cumulative as each dental practice amends its day-to-day procedures.

One point that might not immediately spring to mind about how a dentist can improve their green credentials is that it is not just about what they do personally. They can also educate their patients on how they can help. Oral health and hygiene is not something that only occurs within the confines of the dental practice, and much of what patients do at home has implications for the environment.


February 16, 2021
Business Sustainability

How to Ensure Success in Business Sustainability

Even if you have a small business in web design or have some other talent that enables you to create and run a business there are ways to implement sustainability. Not only will you be doing your bit to help keep the environment safe and clean, you’ll most likely be saving money too, since so many such practices cause less wastage.

For instance, when your business can use less power and less water,  the cost of paying for it is reduced. This is good news, especially when it doesn’t even decrease productivity.  Once you decide to implement these changes it may not be so easy, especially if staff have to change their way of doing things. We are creatures of habit and habits die hard. Here are some tips to help ensure success.

  1. Keep programmes simple and easy to implement. If they have a health benefit or are fun for the participants all the better. For instance, one company implemented a wellness programme where participants could sign a non-smoker or smoking cessation affidavit at no cost, have an annual physical check-up covered by health insurance and take part in one wellness activity sponsored by the company, such as a charity walk, fun run or trail clearing in a National Park.


January 25, 2021
How Eco-Friendly is Cotton

How Eco-Friendly is Cotton?

In recent years, sustainability has been a significant focus of those who are trying to do their part for the environment. More and more people are reducing their plastic usage, recycling, and saying goodbye to single-use plastic bags.

Then there are those who start looking at the materials they are using, such as cotton. How sustainable is cotton? Is it better to use than human-made fibres such as polyester? Read on to find out.

There is a significant demand for textiles in the world, and cotton is the most in-demand for many reasons. It’s sustainable, biodegradable, renewable, and environmentally-friendly. What’s more, it keeps this status throughout its lifecycle, unlike petrol-based fibres which often come from non-renewable sources.

Contrary to popular belief, cotton also doesn’t require a considerable amount of pesticides to grow. In each acre of cotton, around half a kilo of insecticides is used, and about one kilo of herbicides. As technology improves, the volume of herbicides and insecticides may drop.


November 16, 2020
Dental Practice Greener

7 Positive Steps To Make Your Dental Practice Greener

When it comes to those industries that you think of being the most culpable for negative impacts on the environment you most likely would include the car industry, petrochemical plants, and power stations which burn fossil fuels. Whilst these may near the top, you might be surprised to learn that in this age of everyone seeking to enhance their green credentials, dentists have a huge role to play.

Now a dental practice might not seem the first place you would point the finger at for the harm that is done to the environment, however, there are many aspects of their activities that are most certainly not considered to be green. In fact, several practices and procedures, such as braces, which occur within dental clinics are extremely harmful to the environment.

If you are a dentist or run a dental practice this may or may not be news to you, but either way, we would hope that you are nevertheless keen to improve your green credentials. That being the case here are some positive ways your dental practice can operate in a more environmentally manner.

Reduce Patient Visits
Whenever a patient visits, they will have already contributed to greenhouse gases when they travelled to your office. So, to reduce this pollution you could look at changing your appointment system to accommodate, longer, but less frequent visits, whereby you combine treatments and consultations whenever possible.


October 1, 2020
exhaust system

Signs Your Exhaust or Muffler is Failing 

Unless you’re a mechanically-minded person, you might not realise when your exhaust and other parts of your car are failing. Fortunately, there are numerous things that you can watch out for. Even if you don’t have the skills to fix them yourself, being aware of these signs that your muffler or exhaust is failing will allow you to get it fixed before it costs a fortune.

Although you might not realise it, a damaged muffler or exhaust system can result in significantly higher levels of pollutants being released into the atmosphere. This is harmful to both the local environment and the planet as a whole.

Because of this, we decided to put this short article together with the help of experts, Exhausts Perth. Below we’ve outlined a few tell-tale signs that your exhaust system could be failing, along with what you should do if you notice them.

  1. Excessive Exhaust Noise

One of the most common signs of a failing exhaust system or muffler is excessive noise. This could start gradually at first and build up over time, but a noisy exhaust basically means a compromised exhaust.

There are a number of problems that could be occurring. For one, your muffler could be failing. Or, your exhaust pipes might have a hole or crack somewhere before the muffler, which will make it sound like your engine is noisier than it should be.


August 17, 2020