The Yes Men have been up to their tricks again, staging a faux Shell Arctic drilling launch party called ‘Let’s Go!’ in the Seattle Space Needle. During the  event, an alcohol-spouting oilrig replica failed and leaked over the guest of honor.

As part of the Yes Men’s hilarious spoof, a fake Shell website was also created, called Arctic Ready, and it brings together images and materials that mock Shell’s real Arctic exploration program in Alaska.

There is a lot of tongue-in-cheek commentary at the Yes Men website, such as in the Kid’s Section where they explain that its right to be sad about the ice melting but also glad because Shell ‘can go up there to get more oil, which can do a whole lot of things’ such as allow Mommy and Daddy to drive to the store in their SUV to buy you new toys.

Guest of honors included  84yr old Occupy activist Dorli Rainey (pepper sprayed by Seattle Police during the Occupy protests), along with Occupy “infiltrator” Logan Price, and Greenpeace, who have an injunction against any Greenpeace activist coming within 1km (1093 yards) of any Shell vessel.

The failed drilling rig model represented the Kulluk, which was made by the same company that made the Deepwater Horizon rig that blew up in the Gulf oil disaster.

The Kulluk is actually 20 years older that the Deepwater Horizon (though the rig age was not necessarily part of the problem in the Gulf) and was once going to be sold for scrap, according to the Yes Men, but is now due to start drilling exploration wells in the shallow Arctic ocean waters which are now largely ice free due to global warming.