The Liter of Light Project (Isang Litrong Liwanag), from Philippines-based NGO My Shelter Foundation, wants to bring low cost light to a million Philippine homes. Around 25,000 low-income homes in the Philippines have been lit up after the launch of a scheme to fit sunlight-powered “bulbs” made from old plastic bottles.
The bulbs are actually recycled plastic bottles that are fitted into the roof and filled with water containing bleach. The bleached water refracts 55W of the outside sunshine into the room during the day. Each bottle fitment costs about US$1 (€0.77). The idea is based upon a 2002 Alfredo Moser design, developed by MIT students specifically for the Philippines.

Now the people and the children can work and play inside, in the safety of their homes, and created employment for the plastic bottle bulb makers and installers.