Climate change, whether you believe it or not, has companies and manufacturers choosing to use more eco-friendly materials and products. The idea behind that is it helps to preserve natural resources for generations to come. Another result that stems from this decision is that there are reduced costs when using sustainable energy sources and materials.

Let’s talk Green Plumbing

What actually is green plumbing? It is an environmentally friendly and cost efficient plumbing service. By adopting green plumbing in your renovations with Bathroom Renovations Perth, you will reduce waste water, recycle used water and use eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Another aspect of green plumbing is the use of solar and wind power as alternate sources of energy to provide water.

By converting to a sustainable plumbing model water can be conserved as well as reduced in cost. Your worries over the summer months of water shortages, or no water at all, are greatly reduced.

Green Plumbing Materials and Solutions

The green plumbing materials are often polymer-based. Traditionally, pipes and water fixtures were made out brass and metal alloys. They eventually need replacement as they corrode over time. It’s not only the corrosion that causes a problem, but also the corroded material finds its way into the water, contaminating it and as a result affecting the health of people.

Water pipes

Good water pipes mean no water leaks which means less waste. The proper piping material is also able to handle differing water pressures. For example, a cross-linked-polyethylene-pipe (PEX) used with steel is the best option for maintaining the correct temperature of water passing through. This material, PEX, is also more flexible meaning it can accommodate water pressure changes.

The pipes can also be insulated to reduce heat loss during winter. That’s another cost saving there.


Check out the better designed toilets that lower your water consumption. An environmentally-friendly toilet is designed to use less water than regular toilets. The water savings from this alone can be as high as 60%.


You must have taps to deliver water into the house, be it the kitchen or the bathroom. Taps are one of the main culprits for water wastage. Eco-friendly taps are available that have a lower pressure delivery system which helps reduce water wastage. Less water wasted means lower costs in both utilities and ultimately decreased energy costs. While better designed taps will certainly help, turning taps off to stop unnecessary water use is going to be a great help as well.


Not all the water that flows from your showerhead is used. A better designed showerhead as a green plumbing option will provide better functionality. You can save an additional 25% by using technology that provides a lower flow rate. You still get wet in the shower, but with less water you save energy and costs.

Garden Irrigation

We all love our gardens in Australia, hence the proliferation of an outdoor watering system. No water means plants die, especially in Australian summer during which the heat is relentless. The problem with outdoor reticulation is that it is one of the main causes of water wastage in a household.

Newer control technologies are available through green plumbing that deliver the right amount of water at the right time of day. Watering schedules can be entered into the computerised system to ensure that you garden grows and flourishes. Another aspect of reticulation is the positioning set up of the sprinkler heads.