The Transform Bar, by Hong Kong-based artist Kacey Wong, is a recycled wood hawker booth where you can grow wheat grass and Wong will make you healthy juices from fresh produce.

The Transform Bar footprint is only 3ft by 4ft (0.9m x1.2m), with wheat grass planters mounted on the exterior walls. The planters can be moved outside to provide more space inside the booth, display the wheat grass or to take advantage of sunlight to grow faster.

The wheat grass juice vendor blends apple juice and wheat grass, bringing awareness to our food source and extending art appreciation to the sense of taste and consumption. Healthy living choices go hand-in-hand with recycled sustainability.

Wong’s inspiration for the Transform Bar came from Hong Kong street hawkers’ stalls that extend and retract their merchandise dependent upon the time of day. The hawker booths are only 3ft by 4ft (0.9m x1.2m), so the Hong Kong market hawker has to be flexible with their offerings and stock the right products in order to make a living. This reflects life in Hong Kong where success and survival depends on being adaptive with the environment through transformation.