Have Plenty of Storage

If you really want to cut down on waste, and costs, buy in bulk when you can. This means that you’re going to need enough space to store extra cooking ingredients and other things. When you buy your food from the bulk bins at your local market, it means there is less packaging used in the process. On top of that, you won’t need to keep driving down to the store to buy smaller lots of food. This doesn’t just go for things that can be eaten either. You can buy your other kitchen products in bulk, like washable towels for cleaning up spills and wiping down your kitchen benches.

Cook in Bulk

According to kitchen designers Kitchen Professionals, many people don’t even factor in how they are going to cook when they’re working on a newer, greener kitchen design. Cooking large meals in bulk is so much more efficient than cooking just one meal at a time, especially if you are only cooking for yourself. It doesn’t use much more power, if any extra at all. However, you will need to have a kitchen area that can handle the larger pots and pans, and the extra washing up and preparation that comes with making huge meals all at once. You will need extra prep’ space, not to mention somewhere to store all of your extra food. If that means having a larger freezer, you’re going to need to consider how that will affect your eco-friendly kitchen design.

Freeze in Bulk

You might remember when large chest freezers were in fashion. People tend to stick to the horizontal freezers that are inside their fridges these days. But the horizontal freezer is still the best way to go if you want to store large amounts of food. When you open an upright freezer, the cold air literally falls out. But a horizontal freezer keeps the cold in, since cold air stays at the bottom.

Look at Pressure Cookers

In your new kitchen design, consider creating a safe place to have a pressure cooker. These are pots for cooking that can be completely sealed. There is no way for liquid or air to be released from them, which allows cooking at a desired pressure. As the pressure inside the pot goes up, so does the maximum boiling point of all the liquid inside. This means that you can actually cook things higher than the normal boiling point before things begin to boil. The speed at which your food can cook inside a pressure cooker is immensely greater than with regular cooking. In the end, this means you can cook your food with a lot less power usage.

Use Solar Power

You don’t have to have solar panels installed on your house to go green. Although, that is a wonderful idea. But there is an even more direct way to use the power of the sun in your green kitchen. Solar ovens are essentially boxes with insulation inside, and lids or covers that allow the rays of the sun to enter and heat the food within. The effect ends up working in a way that’s similar to a greenhouse. Solar ovens will often have special reflective surfaces inside, to allow them to fully utilize the sun’s rays. Since this type of cooking is by nature a slow one, you can get some incredibly intense flavors that are unattainable with regular cooking.