Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees is a recently published book written by Peter Cook and Becky Northey, the world’s leading tree shapers. The knowledge contained in this book is their answer to a growing worldwide demand for information on what is known as the “pooktre” shaping method.

This book has 42 years of the authors’ real-life experiences of tree shaping; the information is given in a clear step-by-step process. The knowledge is easy to put into practice because the book contains so many photos along with an explanation of exactly how it’s done, creating a platform to allow individuals, with no previous experience, to begin shaping trees into all kinds of fantasy forms and useful items. The ideas provided in this book encourage people to live in harmony with the environment.With this new knowledge, and an understanding of tree lore, you will be more observant of the trees that grow around you.

The book starts with a young man riding his horse along the lonely surf beach of Fraser Island and finding a large hunk of ambergris (secretions from the intestines of sperm whales used in perfume), which comes from the largest predator on earth. The young man sold it and bought 160 acres of old growth forest in the mountains of southern Queensland and continues to the present day with a peaceful property covered with many beautiful examples of pooktre.

The authors explain which tree species are suitable for the pooktre treatment, and just as important, the trees to avoid. They explain the principles of why a tree species will work or not, using many real examples to explain the importance and practical use of tree lore. Some knowledge is unique to pooktre. Some techniques, such as grafting, and wind staking, have been so refined they have become new techniques in their own right.

Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees by Peter Cook and Becky Northey.

Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees has over 350 images and illustrations and 20 content packed chapters full of great information, but this is not just another “how-to-book”, they also share the underlying principles of tree lore which governs their artwork. The book Knowledge to Grow Shaped Trees demonstrates that trees are dynamic living beings and what can be achieved when you work cooperatively with them.