Old unwanted and damaged CDs and other recycled materials are upcycled into creative animal sculptures by Australian writer, illustrator and artist Sean Avery.

The creatures are built upon a wire-mesh frame, using old CDs that are cut and glued in place with the addition of other upcycled bits and pieces.

Dependent upon the creature size and complexity, the prices vary from AUS$300-400 (US$316-422,  €241-321) for small creations, to more than AUS$800 (US$844, €643) for the largest ones. The electronic rhino is around AUS$500 (US$527, €403) and is 100cm (39.4inch) wide, 45cm (17.7inch) tall and 30cm (11.8inch) deep.  A great use for all those CDs that people no longer need.

Visit: http://seaneavery.com/home.html

Via Treehugger