New Yorkers consume a lot of coffee, just behind Chicago, so artist Gwyneth Leech’s disposable coffee cup art display is right at home in NY.

Since last September Leech has hand drawn on her used disposable coffee cups, collected over a number of years. Her work has been on display at the Flatiron Building, and her 800 hand-drawn cups drew a lot of attention, hopefully sending a message about recycling to those coffee-thirsty New Yorkers.

The coffee cup creations had abstract art through to city scenes, as well as a few portraits of passers. The cups themselves were strung up and gently moved as heated air rose inside the display space, and were illuminated at night.

Maybe Leech can artistically upcycle unused coffee-cups so that people can buy their favorite design, and perhaps then they will use them more than once, and afterwards recycle them.