Sustainability is all about reducing your carbon footprint, saving the earth’s resources and creating less waste to pollute the planet. But it is also different things to different businesses, depending on the industry, markets, supplies needed and processes used to manufacture goods or conduct business. This makes an SEO company or digital marketing business one of the easiest to ensure office sustainability is practiced. Here’s why –

  • Digital marketing is all about being online. This takes a minimum amount of power and there are not many other costs used to conduct business
  • Clients are found online
  • Suppliers are found online
  • Products needed are few and they can be purchased online
  • Your service can be done online

All this means that your business can be set up at home and this, of course, is the ideal way to conduct a business because you don’t have to travel, thus saving the cost of fuel and the need for a conveyance with all its other associated costs. Fewer cars on the road also saves on the wear and tear on roads and the need to constantly upgrade and renew them. While you may think one car won’t make much difference, there are plenty of other people who can work from home too, so it all mount up.

Soon, employers will realise how much they can save by letting the employees work from home and in many jobs, this is perfectly possible if only people could see it. Employers could save a great deal on the size of the office, the cost of office equipment and even tea and coffee by allowing their employees to work from home.

However, to get back to the digital marketing from home business, you don’t need to set up a dedicated office, so are saving on the use and cost of building materials, furnishings and fabrics, paints and finishes, not to mention upkeep such as cleaning products – and most importantly, the cost of rent or building the office.

There is less need for business clothing and dry cleaning, which saves on the use of dry-cleaning products. You can use washable clothing that can be cleaned with earth friendly products.

You can outsource some of your job needs and that gives others the chance to work from home as well, thus also saving all of the above in their lives.

When you work from home you have the choice of how to dispose of waste and you can choose to recycle paper and old computers, mobile phones and printers rather than seeing them put into landfill because the company you work for doesn’t care about polluting the earth.  So if you have the skills to work for yourself from home, don’t hesitate to do so. It’s the best way ever to save the earth’s resources.