The threat of global warming and the many environmental issues it creates has meant every industry and business sector has had to change many of their working practices to make them more eco-friendly, and commercial cleaning is included in that.

What that means is that commercial cleaning professionals and upholstery cleaners have had to alter, remove, or introduce many of the cleaning methods they undertake, as well as consider far more carefully what cleaning products they use, from the most straightforward cleaning cloth to the most powerful industrial floor cleaner, for example. To explain all this further, here are seven ways modern-day commercial cleaning companies are greener than ever.

Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the most significant ways that commercial cleaning companies have moved to a greener means of operating is their increased use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, inducing many of the cleaning solutions they supply to their operatives. Gone are the days of toxic chemical cocktails being used, to be replaced with proven safe cleaning products that are just as effective but not harmful to the environment.

Increased Use Of Microfibre Cloths

There are many essential tools and equipment that commercial cleaning companies use. However, microfibre cloths are particularly worth noting when considering how green they are, and we are not just talking about their colour. Microfibre cloths do not need as much water as regular clothes; they have a longer lifespan and are reusable,  all three tick several green boxes.

Conserving Water

The desire to conserve water is at the centre of many environmental programs, and here is an area where commercial cleaning companies are playing their part. This happens in several ways, including recycling water when cleaning, using lower-flow cleaning machines, and using dry cleaners for carpet cleaning where a wet cleaner might have been used previously.

Vacuuming With HEPA Vacuums

For those unaware of ‘HEPA’, it is an abbreviation of ‘High-Efficiency Particulate Air’. HEPA vacuum cleaners are a huge environmental advance that many commercial cleaning companies now use, and the benefits they provide help them offer a greener solution to their clients with vacuuming in their commercial cleaning needs. HEPA vacuums remove 99%+ of all allergens and airborne particles, have a longer lifespan, and use less energy than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Promotion Of Recycling

Commercial cleaning companies are often at the forefront of recycling programs, one of the best-known means of helping the environment. They can offer recycling services for businesses that would otherwise dispose of recyclable items in their general waste, and they can also educate companies and their workforce on how to recycle and what to recycle.

Education Of Their Clients In Eco-Friendly Cleaning

As well as carrying out commercial cleaning for the clients that hire them, commercial cleaning companies will readily help them become more eco-friendly by advising them on greener cleaning methods. This can be as simple as fully explaining their eco-friendly services to them or inviting them to speak to the business’s workforce on waste management, recycling, and other ways they can help make their workplace more environmentally friendly.

Greater Awareness Of Green Certification Programs

Being accredited as a company that has proven itself to be a promotor of greener ways of operating can boost a business as it can attract environmentally aware customers. Commercial cleaning companies seek these green certifications for themselves and hire them. Thus, they have their business premises cleaned using eco-friendly methods, enabling a business to be given an official green certificate.