When people think of Western boots, the first images that might be conjured up in their minds are cowboys riding on the plains of America, or closer to home, cattle farmers in Queensland rounding up herds of cattle. One country which might not immediately come to mind is Mexico. However, Mexico has become famous for manufacturing some of the highest quality Men’s western boots in the world.

Further to that, Mexico’s western boot manufacturing is regarded by many as the most sustainable anywhere. By sustainable, we mean that the manufacturing processes used in Mexico to make leather western boots have the least negative impact on the environment and also use the most ethical processes. Let us look at some of the reasons why these positive traits apply to Mexican leather western boot manufacturing.

Decades Of Experience In Manufacturing Leather Goods

One of the main reasons that Mexico has such a high reputation for leather manufacturing is that it has been making leather goods for over a century. As such, it has seen many developments and enhancements enter the leather manufacturing arena, including those that allow for sustainable leather products.

Not all developments involve new technology in factories but instead lead to being able to source leather in ways that do not have as harmful an impact on the environment as was the case many years ago.

Highly Skilled Craftsmanship And Experience

It stands to reason that when machines are making products there is an environmental cost, for example, due to the energy required to operate those machines. However, when goods are being manufacturing and crafted by individuals with exceptional skills, this is when sustainability becomes possible.

Although Mexico does have some large manufacturers, it also has more than its fair share of leather craftsmen and women whose skills and ability to create leather goods by hand negate the need for power-hungry machinery whilst also ensuring the highest quality leather goods, including western boots.

Family-Run Western Boot Manufacturers

With Mexico having many small, family-run businesses making leather western boots, they have become the go-to manufacturers for leather goods retailers and brands who wish to sell a greater proportion of sustainable products. Given their smaller size, and how they tend to operate differently from large industrial manufacturers, it stands to reason that their carbon footprint is going to be significantly smaller, making them the environmentally-friendly option.

Just And Fair Working Practices

One of the reasons that many western boot brands across the world look to Mexico as a prime source of the goods they sell, is that many Mexican companies operate to high standards and with just and ethical working practices.

These relate to matters such as effective and sustainable sourcing of high-quality raw materials including leather. Additionally, they have extremely fair labour rules which protect workers and are seen as important when trying to operate in a sustainable, ethical, and responsible manner.

Ethical Sourcing Of Leather And Other Raw Materials

Ethical sourcing of leather is mainly achieved by acquiring leather that has come from cattle that were not raised simply for their hides. Instead, the leather comes from cattle that have died of natural causes, and it does not include hide as a by-product from cattle raised and slaughtered for their beef.

In addition, all other raw materials required to make leather western boots are sourced from sustainable sources wherever possible including threads for stitching, rubber for soles, and the materials used for inners of western boots.