When it comes to beauty and cosmetic surgery, most women have their favourite tips and tricks to ensure they make the most of their looks. However, you may not have thought of sustainability in the use of organic skin care and beauty products and practices. One good thing in making a few changes is that you’ll be avoiding some of those products that contain toxic ingredients, however small the quantity.

Whatever you put on your skin is absorbed into the body, so it’s wise to be careful with choosing only products that are organic. Here are some tips to ensure your beauty regime is as eco friendly as possible.

  • Coconut oil is a product that can be used in many ways when it comes to both sustainability and beauty needs. It can be used as a deep hair conditioner, a facial cleanser and a shaving cream that nourishes the skin while it is being used. It can also be used as a deodorant – and to cook with.

  • Use a washable cloth to wipe down your face and body with, rather than disposable tissues. This will save on the use of paper products and so, save trees.
  • If you use a toner, you can make your own with apple cider vinegar and water. Store it in a glass jar or bottle – recycled, of course.
  • It is also quite easy to make your own toothpaste using baking soda. Some people like to add salt.
  • There is no need to buy shampoo when soap or even just vinegar, works just as well.
  • Why waste power drying your hair with a blow-dryer? Applying such heat is not good for the hair, anyway. Rather, allow it to dry naturally in warm weather. Sitting in the sun to dry your hair gives you time to relax and enjoy some down time. In cooler weather, sit in front of the heater so it can do double duty.
  • Grow aloe vera in a pot plant so you’ll have a supply on hand to use for burns, sunburn or as a moisturiser.
  • If you’re a fan of facial masks, make your own with oatmeal, egg whites or any number of other natural ingredients. There are many more recipes online.
  • Cucumber slices and used chamomile teabags kept in the refrigerator are great as eye compresses for tired or itchy eyes.
  • Use the internet to find many home remedies for bites, for shampoo and conditioner, and even to make your own soap. It can be a lot of fun to do this and ensures those ingredients that are carcinogenic or cause allergic symptoms are kept off your skin.
  • When purchasing make-up or anything else that goes on your skin, make sure you choose organic varieties that are not tested on animals and do not contain harmful ingredients.