Today’s watchword is sustainability, and many people have chosen to live their lives with an awareness of how to save the earth’s resources at the forefront of their minds. According to fencing experts, there are at least five eco-friendly options to choose from that save the earth’s resources and cost less when it comes to maintenance and replacement issues.

So, what are these five options? Fencing contractors would tell you the following five are sustainable choices.

  • Bamboo has the advantage of being pest and disease-free, so no harmful pesticides, fungicides or other poisonous sprays are used in its growth. It proliferates – sometimes 90 centimetres per day- and is easily renewable. Styles available are reed or fence panels. It provides an attractive fence and background for your plants and some wind protection.

  • Preserved timber fencing must not be held with a heavy metal poison like copper chromate arsenate. These days, there is a non-poisonous alternative that protects timber from the weather so it doesn’t rot and needs no extra painting. Since these are the two main problems with timber for fences, a wood fence can now be considered eco-friendly.
  • Recycled plastic that is combined with waste timber is an excellent material for a fence. It uses up a lot of plastic that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and because it uses timber that is no good for anything else, and the end product is robust, durable and maintenance-free, the choice is easy to make.
  • Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is mainly known as a solid and durable material used for many other applications and fences. It is moulded and coloured to mimic natural timber but is better because it needs no maintenance. In addition, the light cream or white colour is attractive and goes right through the product, so minor scratches are not noticeable and can easily be buffed out.
  • Lastly, wood composite fencing is famous for many people who want a solid, durable, eco-friendly fence around their home. Combining wood fibres and polymers createss an attractive timber look-alike fence that is strong, durable and maintenance-free. It comes in various beautiful colours and styles so you can have the wall of your choice.

With so many options, being sustainable is easy, particularly when you don’t have to worry about the three Rs – rotting, rusting and repainting. A fence that looks good for no added work from you is an asset to your home and will create value and street appeal.