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New York’s LED Light Ball

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New York's LED Time Ball 2009.

For New Year’s 2009 Philips Electronics has greened the most famous celebration in the world. As millions of eyes and TVs tune into Times Square in New York City to watch the glittering Time Ball decade, this year they will be watching a sustainable LED light show.

Created from more than 32,256 rainbow colored LED lights projected through twinkling Waterford Crystal triangles, the New Year’s Eve ball promises to be stunning.

New York's LED Time Ball 2009.

An enormous 2010 LED light sign will also be part of the New York celebrations and will remain lit courtesy of energetic party revelers supplying pedal-power that has been stored in enormous batteries at Duracell’s Smart Power Lab.

Time Balls have been dropping in New York City since 1904, but the 2009 celebration will be the first New Year’s Eve Time Ball that is illuminated entirely using 100% low power consumption LED technology.

Here’s to a greener 2010!