Eco-Friendly Dentistry: 15 Ways to Go Green in Your Dental Practice

Eco-Friendly Dentistry: 15 Ways to Go Green in Your Dental Practice

The importance of sustainability in our world is growing increasingly more apparent and as global citizens, we all have a role and responsibility in preserving our planet’s resources for future generations. Dentistry is no exception.

Dentists are uniquely positioned to lead the way in environmental leadership due to the nature of their work and its potential for significant resource consumption. From reducing waste and energy use to choosing sustainable products and suppliers, dentists from advise that most dental practices can become more and more environmentally conscious in the following ways.

Going digital reduces the need for physical resources. This includes using electronic patient records, digital X-rays, online appointments, and electronic billing and communication.

Use LED lights and Energy Star-rated equipment to minimize energy use. Turn off unused equipment, and consider installing solar panels to offset energy consumption.

Use water-saving devices on faucets, autoclaves, and vacuum systems. Educate staff about the importance of water conservation.


July 3, 2023
Implementing the “5 Rs” of Eco-Conscious Living in the Office

Implementing the “5 Rs” of Eco-Conscious Living in the Office

If you know anything about sustainable living, the chances are that you’ve heard of something known as the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The actual truth of the matter is that these have been extended to five Rs, with Rot and Refuse being added in recent years.

Now, if you run something like an SEO agency of other predominately digitally-based business, you’re probably wondering how these affect you. If you want to find out, continue reading about how you can implement the five Rs of eco-conscious living in the office.

  1. Reduce

Although it may seem obvious once you’ve finished reading this article, it’s generally extremely easy to reduce-your-use-of-consumable-items. Let’s take disposable plastic cups as a quick example.

These aren’t directly related to the day-to-day running of most businesses, but many offices have a water cooler with plastic cups in the lobby or break room. Rather than using these, reduce your waste by purchasing a nice stainless steel water bottle. It’s that easy.

  1. Reuse

Now, this one can be a little difficult to apply in the office, but there are still plenty of cases where it can be used. For example, if you’re a person who likes to take physical notes with a paper and pen, you could reuse scrap paper that has only been printed on one side. Over the course of a few months, you will likely end up saving kilos of paper.


May 10, 2021
Business Sustainability

How to Ensure Success in Business Sustainability

Even if you have a small business in web design or have some other talent that enables you to create and run a business there are ways to implement sustainability. Not only will you be doing your bit to help keep the environment safe and clean, you’ll most likely be saving money too, since so many such practices cause less wastage.

For instance, when your business can use less power and less water,  the cost of paying for it is reduced. This is good news, especially when it doesn’t even decrease productivity.  Once you decide to implement these changes it may not be so easy, especially if staff have to change their way of doing things. We are creatures of habit and habits die hard. Here are some tips to help ensure success.

  1. Keep programmes simple and easy to implement. If they have a health benefit or are fun for the participants all the better. For instance, one company implemented a wellness programme where participants could sign a non-smoker or smoking cessation affidavit at no cost, have an annual physical check-up covered by health insurance and take part in one wellness activity sponsored by the company, such as a charity walk, fun run or trail clearing in a National Park.


January 25, 2021
Green Cleaner

What Does it Mean to be a Green Cleaner?

Green cleaning is the process of using sustainable cleaning products and practices with minimal impact on the environment. According to GleamClean WA, such services are becoming more sought after and desirable, which is why many cleaners today are looking into what it takes to be a green cleaner and be a part of the curve. So, what does it really mean to be a green cleaner? Read on to find out.

You Buy or Make Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Forget harsh and caustic chemicals. To be a green cleaner means getting back to basics. You make more use of lemon, vinegar, and baking soda for cleaning products than you do in food preparation, and you see the value in using what nature gives you to promote a clean and tidy home.

Not only do you get to enjoy the peace of mind that your products contain no harmful chemicals or additives, but there are price savings to be made as well. If you choose to make your own products, the cost to do so is far less than the recommended retail price of many cleaning products.


August 20, 2019
Commercial Cleaning

Chemical Free Commercial Cleaning – Is It Possible?

With increasing levels of awareness about the harmful effects of things like chemicals and cleaning products on both our physical and mental health, more and more people are choosing to eliminate as many chemicals from their life as possible. If you own or run a large building, you may employ commercial cleaners to keep it tidy, and you may be wondering if chemical free commercial cleaning is viable.

Well, the truth is that, in the modern world, technological advances and research have made chemical free commercial cleaning a reality. Although most commercial cleaners still use toxic cleaning solutions, they will usually be happy to go chemical free if you ask them to – especially if you tell them how to do so!

Why Would I Want To Eliminate Cleaning Chemicals?

Right now you might be thinking something along the lines of “Aren’t cleaning chemicals designed to keep things shiny and bacteria free?”. If you are, you wouldn’t be wrong. Most commercial cleaning products do their job just fine. They do keep things clean, and they do eliminate harmful bacteria and microbes. However, they can also have a lot of harmful side effects.


August 10, 2018
Office Sustainability

What does Sustainability Mean to Your Business?

Whether yours is a small web design business run by yourself, or a larger one with several employees, it’s important to understand what sustainability means for your business if you want to implement environmentally sound practices as simple as saving on electricity etc. There are three elements to be considered.

  1. Saving the earth’s resources. For business, this can mean simple things that are easy to implement, such as using LED lights, turning off lights when not needed – for instance, in meeting rooms or amenities blocks – using toner save mode on the printer and so on. There are many ways to save and often such practices save you costs as well. You can also choose to work only with suppliers or other businesses that follow similar practices, but this can get a bit more complicated. It all depends on how serious and dedicated you want to be.


August 25, 2017