if you are planning to have a new website built for your recycling business, one of the overriding questions will be what to include in it. According to skilled Perth web designers, ¬†there are some core elements of a website which are classed as ‘Must Have’, some features are ‘Nice To Have’, and others are most definitely ‘Ones To Avoid’.

We want to keep this article positive so we are going to take a look at ten of those ‘Must Have’ features which your recycling business’s new website should have as integral elements of its design.

Simplicity: When it comes to the design of a website the simpler it can be the better it is for all. This includes not only the business owner but more especially any visitors who will have a better experience on a simple website than an extremely complex one.

Logical Page Structure: To aid the cause of simplicity and to add further to the aim of a positive experience for any visitors, structuring pages, and sub-sections of the website in a clear and logical manner is always essential.

Internal Linking: The structurer of the website will influence the internal linking of the website and will allow users to click from page to page easily. It also contributes to your onsite SEO and helps Google crawl your website more effectively

Easy Navigation: Yet another means of ensuring anyone coming to your website has a positive experience is to provide easy to understand navigation. This helps them move to from one page and back again using features such as a menu at the top of each page.

Clear Calls To Action: The vast majority of the pages on your website should have at least one goal that is facilitated by the person visiting that page taking an action. This requires clear calls to action on every page encouraging the desired action.

A Means For Prospects/Clients To Contact You: Every website should a page dedicated to allowing any person visiting it to contact the business. This usually takes the form of a ‘Contact Us’ page which can include a simple form requesting their name, and email address, or telephone number. You may also ask for them to add further information.

Consistent Branding: Your website’s great design should be a reflection of your recycling business and that is further enhanced by having consistent branding on each page. This builds a prospect’s familiarity with your brand and makes it more recognisable to them in any future search they might make for the recycling services you provide.

Great Mix Of Content: If your website is to have  any chance of appealing to visitors and of being ranked anywhere near the top of google for the search terms you wish to rank for, it must have quality content, and ideally a mix of content types, so text, audio, graphics, video, and images are all candidates.

Social Media Buttons: There is no escaping the fact that almost everyone has used or interacts with social media in some way, and that includes all your prospects and clients. For this reason, you should have at least one or two social media pages such as on Google and LinkedIn, and social media buttons on your website that take visitors on your website to them.

Intuitive Design: This simply ensures that, regardless of what type of device someone is using to access the internet and view your website, all the design elements on each page will appear properly and be in perfect proportion.