Landscape architecture, or landscape design, is at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds right now. While people are actively renovating their homes’ interiors, they are also setting aside funds to make sure the exteriors of their homes look just as smart.

But why is landscape design so popular? As it turns out, there are many reasons, which you can learn more about below.

To Solve Problems

Unless you have moved into a home with a bare yard and a blank slate, you may be faced with many problems left behind by the previous owners. These problems could be minor or significant, but many of them can be solved with landscape design changes.

For example, if one part of your property floods when it rains, you might need to dig holes, improve drainage, and make other changes. Or, if one part of your property sees much more shade than the rest, you might need to plant shade-tolerant plants or address the source of the shade.

For Busy Lifestyles

Many decades ago, women would stay home with the kids and tend to the house. They often didn’t have to go to work, and they could spend hours tending to the gardens. Many Australians lead much different lifestyles today.

Both men and women are in the workforce, and there is often very little time left over to tend to the gardens. Any spare time families have is spent doing fun activities rather than gardening.

Therefore, homeowners change their landscape design to reflect their lifestyle. They still want greenery but also hardscapes to cut down on mowing and weeding. Low maintenance plants are also firm favourites, such as grasses and succulents.

To Entertain Friends and Family

It doesn’t make much sense to host friends and family for meals indoors when the weather is beautiful. Some homeowners change up their landscape design to incorporate an entertainment area.

They might build a deck, lay pavers, and create somewhere for outdoor furniture and a barbecue to sit. This one small addition to a yard can completely transform the space, so you can see why it’s such a popular change to make in a backyard.

For Privacy Reasons

If you live in a built-up suburban area, achieving privacy is not always easy. Your property may back onto several others, with your neighbours’ windows looking directly into your yard.

While complete privacy can’t always be achieved, plenty of people are contacting landscaping businesses to find out what their options are. Some of the best solutions are often fencing, privacy screens, and strategically placed shrubs.

To Sell a House

You can make many improvements to sell a house, but landscaping often presents some of the best returns on your investment. A small amount of effort put into weeding and mulching the garden, adding new plants, and even edging the lawns can make a world of difference to your overall property’s presentation.

You can hire an expert to take care of the hard work, or you can even do a few things yourself. Once the hard work is done, you can take photos to use on your property listing.

Many homeowners are putting as much effort into their yard as their home’s interior, but for many different reasons. Whether you landscape yourself or with the help of an expert, you’ll likely be amazed at how your yard can be transformed.