Whenever someone books a holiday to Bali, the automatic assumption is that their accommodation will be either a hotel or a villa from Easy Bali Villas. For 99% of the time, that will be the case. However, there is another form of accommodation that you should consider, and it will provide you with a truly unique holiday in Bali.

We are talking about opting to stay with a local Bali family in their home. You will not have all the mod cons and amenities that a hotel can provide, but that is the whole point. Hotel rooms are more or less the same worldwide, but none can offer you the experiences and the advantages of living with a real Bali family.

Regarding the details, you will have a private room, your meals and transportation will be provided. Depending on the specific family and their location, you may also have local sightseeing trips included in the price. As for what that price will be, it can vary, but indeed, any price is worth it to experience what real Bali life is all about and the other advantages outlined below.

Learn How Balinese Families Live

We have put this one first simply because we feel it is the one aspect of staying with a local Balinese family that provides the most significant benefits. As tourists staying in a hotel, we often take the local people for granted and never truly appreciate how their lives can be so much different from ours.

By living with a Balinese family, you experience their daily lives for yourself and discover how they work, relax, play, and live together as a family. There is no other way to learn this but to stay with such a family.

Experience Authentic Balinese Cooking

Bali has some amazing restaurants, and no doubt everything they serve is local, but you can go further by eating at the same table as a Balinese family. They will undoubtedly use local ingredients and traditionally cook everything.

They are also likely to cook meals that you might not be able to find in most local restaurants, allowing you to try local dishes firsthand that no other tourists will be able to.

See Sights Other Tourists Will Not

As well as being able to experience meals that no other tourists will, by staying with a local Balinese family, you might also be able to see some sights that they will not. Local families are likely to know of some idyllic locations not usually visited by excursion and travel companies catering for tourists.

Locals are also likely to know how to visit some of the more popular attractions at the right time to avoid crowds and also might be able to get you reductions in the costs of some of the entry fees, for example.

Learn To Speak The Local Lingo

We often take it for granted that when we head overseas, all the locals will speak English. Most will, but some will not, and this is where staying with a local family has it benefits. You can ask them to teach you some basics of the local language, and before too long, you will be able to impress other locals by using their local dialect.

Make Friendships For Life

What better way to make new friendships between your family and the locals than by staying with a Balinese family? This could lead to lifetime friendships, and this will be especially beneficial for families with children as they continue to communicate with the children of your Balinese hosts as they all grow.