Two Positive Reasons Why Investing In Dental Implants Makes Sense

There are lots of reasons that people might consider having dental implants, and the decision to proceed is not always an easy one to make. Regardless of why you need them, be it missing, damaged, discoloured, or decaying teeth, what solution you choose to remedy any of these should not be taken on a whim.

For a start, you have other dental options that you could try, there is choosing which dental practice you are going entrust to carry out any procedure, and there is also the question of cost and deciding, first, whether you can afford any particular treatment, and second, whether you believe that the amount you are going invest in this treatment is worth it.

Dental Implants Are The Best Long Term Solution

Dentists recommend that dental implants can be a great option for patients who are looking for a solution that does not require constant adjustments, replacements, and continual treatments that can be inconvenient and, in many cases, painful. That is why options such as dentures might be regarded as a short-term option, but as for a dental treatment that can fix their teeth, and more importantly their smile over the longer term, then dental implants are the only real answer.


March 21, 2024
Encourage Your Dental Patients To Help Save The Planet

3 Ways You Can Encourage Your Dental Patients To Help Save The Planet

With the ever-increasing global focus on green issues, dentistry has had to take stock, not just as an industry but at a dental practice level, of how much each dentist does or does not contribute to the harm inflicted upon the environment. While dentistry might not be considered a ‘heavy industry’, it certainly does not qualify as a profession whose green credentials have always been up to the mark.

Dentists tell us several processes, procedures, and ways of working within the dental field have been pinpointed as especially harmful to the environment. These include the amount of water used and wasted during appointments, the amount of mercury discarded within amalgam, and the harmful chemicals in traditional X-ray photography and development.

Thankfully, as an industry, dentists have realised that they have a huge part to play in reducing the number of processes and procedures that cause harm to the environment. As such, new treatments, apparatus, and processes are being introduced. The move to switch dentistry’s carbon footprint will not happen overnight, but the positive impact will be cumulative as each dental practice amends its day-to-day procedures.

One point that might not immediately spring to mind about how a dentist can improve their green credentials is that it is not just about what they do personally. They can also educate their patients on how they can help. Oral health and hygiene is not something that only occurs within the confines of the dental practice, and much of what patients do at home has implications for the environment.


February 16, 2021
Financial Planner

How A Financial Planner Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

Much has been written about how stress negatively impacts our well-being to the extent that it can lead to serious illness of both a physical and mental nature. In today’s world, one of the number causes of stress is worrying about money, so it seems logical to assume if we can alleviate our money worries we reduce our stress. For this reason, instead of rushing to their doctor for stress pills, many wise people are employing the services of a financial planner.

First things first…I am not suggesting that if you have a serious illness or the level of stress you are experiencing is extreme, that you should not seek medical advice. However, wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling if you could ‘treat’ the cause of your stress (money worries) before it impacts negatively on your health? This is what a financial planner, such as Financial Planner Perth, would seek to do for you.


April 15, 2018