Much has been written about how stress negatively impacts our well-being to the extent that it can lead to serious illness of both a physical and mental nature. In today’s world, one of the number causes of stress is worrying about money, so it seems logical to assume if we can alleviate our money worries we reduce our stress. For this reason, instead of rushing to their doctor for stress pills, many wise people are employing the services of a financial planner.

First things first…I am not suggesting that if you have a serious illness or the level of stress you are experiencing is extreme, that you should not seek medical advice. However, wouldn’t it be a wonderful feeling if you could ‘treat’ the cause of your stress (money worries) before it impacts negatively on your health? This is what a financial planner, such as Financial Planner Perth, would seek to do for you.

Another point to make is that concerns over one’s finances are not limited to those whose are the lower end of the income scale. Indeed, it is often those with the least who are able to manage their finances the best, simply because they have no other choice. Those who have what we might call a ‘good salary‘ are very often the ones who experience the highest levels of stress with regards to their finances because they have the most to lose such as the large car or the house in the better part of town.

So, whether your income is large or small a financial planner can assess all aspects of your finances and create a plan which addresses all your money worries. To list everything, they might advise would take a whole book, but here are three of the most obvious ways a financial planner can help.

Debt Consolidation: When you are paying out to multiple creditors at various dates in the month it can be difficult to keep track of it all. By paying off all your creditors bar one, and then paying just them the total amount will reduce your stress plus it is likely to reduce your monthly payment too.

Household Budgeting: Many households live in a manner where the money coming in or out just ‘happens’ with nobody keeping track of anything. Establishing a proper budget with the help of your financial planner will allow you to know exactly where each dollar is going. This can be akin to a huge weight being lifted from your shoulders and allows you to truly feel in control of your finances.

Reducing Bills: One of the best ways to reduce your outgoings is to sit down and take stock of all the bills you pay. A financial planner will help you to either eliminate bills for things you never use, and for those that you do use, seek to get a better rate, for example on your power supplier or mobile phone company.

Removing stress caused by money worries from your life will be of greater benefit to your health than any pill the doctor might give you. Allowing a financial planner to help you get your money issues under control, can mean not only a healthier bank balance but a healthier you!