A green wedding reception is not about colour, but about saving the earth’s resources. There are several really easy ways to ensure you  practice sustainability with your wedding reception apart from hiring photo booths for paperless, chemical free photos. That is certainly a good start and will save on the cost of the photographer as well, but don’t stop there when there are heaps of other great ideas to implement.

Use one place

For instance, you can have the wedding ceremony and the reception at one and the same venue. This will save your 100 or so guests making the trip from one place to another.  Think how much fuel that will save. You could also choose a venue that offers accommodation so that those guests who have travelled a long way to your wedding won’t have to make even more trips; they won’t even have to drive back to their separate accommodation after the reception is over. This is an especially good choice if alcohol will be available at your reception as it is for most, and if the guests are known to consume lots.

Have the reception outside

Many couples decide on the great outdoors for the wedding ceremony or reception – or both. How is this eco-friendly?  For a start, it saves on the use of lights if you are outdoors. It can also save on heating or cooling, depending on the weather. Most external locations such as parks or nature reserves don’t supply lighting so your reception will need to be in the daylight hours.

If you choose your own garden for the happy occasion, you could install solar lights if you don’t already have them. Again, this will save on the use of electricity and can make the setting warm and intimate, especially if you use candles on the tables.

Source earth friendly supplies

Nearly everything you purchase for your wedding can be recyclable or organic in some way. Choosing local food products that have been grown without the use of pesticides or non-natural fertilisers.  If you include beef in your wedding breakfast, choose grass fed rather than grain fed beef. Seafood? Make sure it is locally sourced and not on the endangered species list.

When it comes to beverages, buy them in bulk usually saves a lot of bottles in the trash can. Of course, if the venue has recycling bins out the back door that is not so much a problem, as glass can certainly be recycled. However, make sure you choose cups, mugs and glasses that are not made from plastic or paper.

Using products that have been ethically made and are not made from paper or plastic goes a long way to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding.