Most home swimming pools are a strange thing when you think about it. They are popular and inviting, but seem to stick out in the most unnatural way. They are essentially a large hole that is filled with water, where nothing living can survive for long after harsh chemicals have been used to clean the water. This is far removed from the swimming holes that earlier people use to enjoy. Do you ever stop to wonder if we needed to get so far from our natural way of swimming and relaxing in the water?

A new trend has emerged and it’s taking the world by storm. Green pools, which are also called natural pools, are changing the way that people look at the backyard swimming pool. You can have a pool that’s closer to the natural way, and create a private little oasis that isn’t going to destroy the world that you live in.

What Is a Natural Swimming Pool?

The primary difference between regular swimming pools and natural pools is in how they are kept cleaned. A natural swimming pool uses a plant or gravel filtration system and a pump to keep the water clean. This means that there is no need to use unnatural chemicals in the water. If you look at pictures of natural swimming pools, you will probably see a lot of them looking like ponds or natural watering holes. You don’t actually have to have a green or “dirty” looking pool just to go green. This is just an aesthetic choice that people often make.

Green pools do need to have a good amount of plant life in them, if you don’t want to have to use any chemicals at all. You can use some low walls of rocks or other natural dividers to keep the plant areas separate from the swimming areas if you like.

Is It a Pool or a Pond?  

Some people create natural pools that look much like traditional ones, apart from the plants around the edges. But plenty of others choose to make their green pools look a lot more, well—green. They can be made to look just like ponds, with some careful landscaping and natural elements. These include rocks, pebbles, and the right type of plantings. You can get a very wild looking swimming area right in your backyard, which will actually be very modern and precisely designed. What could be more green that the combination of these ideas, working together to create a chemical-free swimming pool?

Are Natural Pools Safe?

There must be a reason for swimming pools to be filled with chlorine, or at least salt water, right? A lot of people want to know if the water in a natural pool is actually safe to swim in. You have to remember that spending a large amount of time in any body of water means that it’s going to end up being ingested in small amounts. Pools are in their nature stagnant, so how does that water keep clean? You have to properly design your natural swimming pool so that the water is being filtered by your plants and gravel. A pump is also required, so the water is not technically stagnant at all. It’s best to talk to a professional when you’re looking at having a green pool installed at your home.